Perth Wellington MP Speaks Out On Wind Turbine Impacts

( File Photo.)

Retiring Perth Wellington MP Gary Schellenberger says he will continue to fight for what is right when it comes to the way wind turbines are approved.

Schellenberger spoke in the House of Commons Tuesday about the lack of consideration given to wind mill construction and the lack of proper consultation for rural Ontarians.

Health Canada began a study in 2012 to research the impact of wind turbines on health, but Schellenberger says when the results are released later this year, it will be too late for some.

He says the turbines are going up in many rural areas despite countless objections and when the windmills go up, so does the price of electricity.

At the same time, he says neighbouring residents are seeing their quality of life and property values decline.

“While I applaud our government for launching such a study, I ask those responsible locally to reflect before prescribing a policy they would never want in their own cities and penthouse apartments,” says Schellenberger. “Wind turbines continue to go up in many ridings throughout rural Ontario, despite objections from countless community members. Wherever windmills go up, so does the price of electricity, while neighboring residents see their quality of life and property values lowered.  The people in rural Ontario are tired of having our communities ignored, our health jeopardized, and our rights denied.’’