Perth Huron Quality of Life Challenges

A “Quality of Life in Perth and Huron County” report was released by the United Way on Monday.

The report outlines the many challenges facing the communities, such as an aging population and lower wages.

While Huron and Perth have a lower unemployment than the rest of the province, Executive Director Ryan Erb says a lower average income has many employed households still turning to food banks.

Something unique to the area is a high rate of young adults leaving for employment and post secondary opportunities.

The report also mentions areas of success for the region. Crime severity is down and unemployment is below the provincial average.

Other successes were for the amount of volunteer work and community pride shown in local towns in Perth and Huron counties.

Erb says, “We have higher rates of volunteerism in our community. We see more people that pitch in and make a difference in that way. We also see in that comparatively speaking people don’t have to take quite as long to get to work.”