Hanover Homecoming A Financial Success

BlackburnNews.com photo

It looks like Hanover Homecoming 2014 will far exceed organizers expectations.
While they say there has been a lot of praise for the overall event from the community, it is likely a success financially as well.

She says, “With our budget we budget it to be a break even event, but certainly we hope that we’re going to come out of it with a surplus. And in fact we are projecting that will be the case.”

The event is projecting a surplus of $23,000. Combined with community contributions, the total benefit from Homecoming will be just over $56,000.

Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture Sherri Walden says the plan going in was for Homecoming to be a break even event. The Homecoming Committee will bring forward a report to the new council in December with recommendations for use of the surplus.