Serious Respiratory Virus Not In Huron County

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A Public Health Manager with the Huron County Health Unit says a virus that is causing serious respiratory problems with children in the United States hasn’t shown up in Huron County so far.

Christina Taylor explains usually in late summer and early fall several different viruses circulate around the area, and at worst, most of them develop into a common cold.

Taylor adds a different strain of the virus, identified as D68 has sent dozens of children in the United States to the hospital with respiratory problems, and it’s now believed to have infected a hand-full of children in Windsor.

Taylor says they have a system in place that helps them monitor the situation in Huron with the school boards and local hospitals. Any time a school experiences more than ten per cent absenteeism they notify the health unit, and they can look into the cause of the absenteeism.

They also have a similar arrangement with local hospitals so that should the virus surface in Huron County they would know very quickly. But she adds that has not happened.

She suggests parents make sure their children wash their hands frequently to prevent the spread of any germs.  If they have cold keep them at home, and if they experience breathing problems, they should go to their local emergency department.