North Watch Testifies At Review Of Nuclear Waste Burial Plan

A northern Ontario environmental watch group made a presentation Tuesday to the Joint Review Panel in Kincardine.

The panel is hearing from groups and individuals opposed to the OPG plan to build a deep geologic repository near the Bruce Power site.

The Northwatch group made a presentation one year ago at the first sitting of the panel and says the OPG proposal has not improved. Northwatch says in some respects, it’s worse.

They say the uncertainties with respect to the waste inventory appears to have increased rather than decreased.

There are many uncertainties associated with the expectation that the addition of decommissioning wastes will increase the amount of gas generated within the repository.

Northwatch claims there would be serious repercussions for the safe operations of the facility, particularly the shaft seal.

Their presentation concluded that OPG has not provided the Joint Review Panel with a basis for approving the environmental assessment to build a deep geologic repository.