Most Huron County Municipalities Have Election for Mayor

Most Huron County municipalities will have a race for top job during this fall’s election.

In Goderich, incumbent Mayor Deb Shewfelt will run against Kevin Morrison for the job.

Deputy Mayor John Grace is being challenged by Councillor Judy Crawford and Councillor Jim Donnelly

In North Huron, incumbent Reeve Neil Vincent is challenged by Councillor Bernie Bailey and Blogger Steve Hill.

In South Huron, Deputy Mayor Jim Dietrich is running for mayor against Maureen Cole.

Councillor Dave Frayne, Drew Robertson and Cathy Seip are running for deputy mayor

Morris Turnberry incumbent Reeve Paul Gowing is being challenged by Jamie McCallum.

Howick incumbent Reeve Art Versteeg will be running against Rosemary Rognvaldson.

Incumbent Deputy Reeve Robert Clarkson is being challenged for the job by current councillor Shelley Miller-Cameron.

In Bluewater, Incumbent Bill Dowson faces challenges from Councillor Tyler Hessel, Deputy Mayor Paul Klopp and newcomer Cindy Moyer.

Jim Ferguson and Peter Walden are running for deputy mayor.

Central Huron Incumbent Jim Ginn was acclaimed as mayor, along with Huron East incumbent Bernie MacLellan.

Ashfield Colborne Wawanosh, incumbent Reeve Ben Van Diepenbeek is being challenged by anti wind turbine activist Shawn Drennan.