Meaford Deputy Mayor’s Race file photo

With just over a week before nominations closed, it looked as though Deputy mayor Harley Greenfield would retake his place on Meaford council by acclamation.

Then, last Thursday, Greenfield found himself facing a rival when David Long filed his nomination papers and set his sights on the spot. So now, there’s a race at all levels for a seat on Meaford council.

Councillors Deborah Young and Barbara Clumpus, along with Noreen Hunter Riley and Jim McPherson are competing for the mayor’s job. Greenfield and Long are competing for the deputy mayor’s place and 12 people seek to win one of the five councillor posts.

Even the local trustee on the Bluewater District School Board now faces competition. Last week, Fran Morgan found she had a rival when Linda Hamill filed her papers.