Meaford Mayor Race Heats Up

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Meaford now has four candidates competing for the mayor’s job in this year’s election.

On Wednesday, Noreen Hunter-Riley withdrew her candidacy for one of the five councillor seats and filed papers to become a mayoral candidate.

By doing so, Hunter Riley became the fourth candidate for the mayor’s seat on the next Meaford council.

The other three candidates are councillors Barbara Clumpus and Deborah Young and former councillor Jim McPherson.

Hunter Riley says that while she’s never served on a municipal council, she doesn’t shrink from accepting the responsibilities of leadership.

As a former nurse, she once served as president of a student nurse’s organisation and, later, served on a medical panel.

She is also an ordained United Church minister who is now involved in pastoral work in the Meaford area.

With Hunter Riley’s exit from the race for a councillor seat, there are now eleven candidates competing for Meaford’s five councillor chairs.

Thus far, Deputy Mayor Harley Greenfield is the only candidate seeking that seat on council.