OPP Sends Early Warning To Watch For School Buses

BlackburnNews.com photo by Melanie Irwin

The OPP is gearing up for this year’s back-to-school season by encouraging everyone to be vigilant and patient for school buses.

They are concerned with the results of a study showing many drivers don’t stop for the bus.

The Independent School Bus Operators Association conducted a study over a 5 day period back in may where drivers kept track of how many vehicles failed to stop for the bus when the lights were flashing.

Results showed around 150 times a day drivers failed to stop for school buses. A number found alarming by the OPP because it is not just the bus driver responsible for the lives of children on the bus.“As drivers, we know that at certain times of the day we can expect to encounter school buses during our travels. Drivers need to be vigilant and pay attention to the flashing red lights and other safety equipment used on buses. Our children’s safety depends on it,” says West Region OPP Traffic Inspector Ian Chappell.

The owner of a vehicle can be charged if their vehicle fails to stop for a school bus even if they were not the driver.