West Perth Might Increase Development Charges

Development charges could be going up in West Perth for the next 5 years.

Based on recommendations from a study by B.M. Ross, council decided on a starting point of 5,378.53 dollars for charges in Mitchell and 1,392.72 dollars in rural parts of the municipality. This is up from 5,300 and 715 dollars for these areas during the last five years.

Development charges provide municipalities with a mechanism to recover additional capital costs for projects and services aimed at growing the municipality.

Mayor Walter McKenzie says these numbers are not set in stone and are open for public input. There will be an open house in West Perth in September before a by-law is put in place.

He says, “We’ve looked at the history for the past 20 some odd years, and anticipated what the growth is for the next five years or so, and looked at the projects that we have, and we’re coming in just slightly higher than what we’ve been for the last five years. “