Lake Huron Beach Maintenance Just Common Sense

Lake Huron beach ( file photo)

Keeping area beaches clean is always a challenge but a Coastal Resources Manager with the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation says it really comes down to common sense.
Geoff Peach suggests if everyone treated the beach as though they were likely going to use again in the near future that would eliminate a lot of the problems.

He says, “If you’re going to bring things on the beach, whether you have lunch or dinner on the beach, and you have wrappers and things that your brought along with you, take all that stuff with you, don’t leave it on the beach.”

He also suggests that anyone making sand castles or digging on the beach make sure they fill in the holes before they leave so people don’t trip in them.

Peach also cautions against using glass containers on the beach. Peach points out broken glass can leave shards of glass hidden in the sand for years and represent a serious hazard. More guidelines can be found on the Lake Huron Centre for Conservation web site but Peach adds it really just comes down to common sense.