Hanover Approves New Official Plan

BlackburnNews.com photo

The Town of Hanover has a new official plan to guide decision making for the next 20 years.

The plan approved at last night’s council meeting replaces an official plan and comprehensive zoning bylaw put in place over 20 years ago.

The plan provides a strategy to manage growth and development to ensure hanover is a desirable community for new business.

It says developments must have a density of no less than 25 dwelling units per hectare.

It includes policies to ensure development protects and enhanced the natural environment .

The Official Plan covers everything from culture, transportation and the environment, to municipal services and economic growth.

Director of Development Don Tedford says the increased development density of 25 units per hectare has some residents concerned.

But he says its a provincially directed issue to ensure all type of residents are included.

He adds higher density development provides better land use, and more cost efficient for servicing.

He says, ” How we go about doing it, how we achieve those densities? Hopefully we have some large residential apartment type development that takes us way above that. So at the end of the day we achieve our 25 per hectare over the whole municipality, and not subdivision by subdivision, because that may be very hard to do.”

The plan now goes to Grey County Council for approval.