Wetland Restoration By Ausable Conservation

Wetland planting - Lambton Shores

A Tallgrass Prairie and wetland restoration project started this week in the Municipality of Lambton Shores.

Volunteers and Ausable Bayfield Conservation staff planted 1,000 Tallgrass Prairie plugs in the hard clay soil of the nine-acre property.

The owner of the land, Bill Dunlop, took part along with nine volunteers, three summer-season employees, and one full-time employee of Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority.  Rural Lambton Stewardship Network supplied the native plants for the project.

This is the largest wetland and Tallgrass Prairie restoration project that Ausable Bayfield Conservation has undertaken in Lambton Shores.

The wetlands will provide water storage during large storm events, and allow some of the sediment to settle out so the plants can filter some of the excess nutrients.