Report Says Bruce County Nuke Meetings Violated Act

An investigator that deals with municipal procedures says Bruce County politicians did violate the Municipal Act in regards to meetings over the storage of radioactive waste.

But Nigel Bellchamber, of Amberley Gavel Limited in London, says they were not secret meetings with OPG.

“We don’t use the term ‘secret meeting’ at all.  In order for a meeting to be held properly, it requires notice, it requires minutes, it requires someone to take those minutes in order there be an accurate record,” says Bellchamber. “But that was not really the key issue here.  The key issue was that county councillors came together, all be it in another capacity.  There were invited as heads of their local council.  However, as heads of local council they also form county council.”

The report goes on to explain how the rules under the Municpal Act were broken.

“I think they weren’t deliberate,” says Bellchamber.  “But once you have the quorum of county council in the same place, dealing with an issue that was on county coucil’s table, then we concluded that, in fact, it could be considered as well a meeting of county council.”

In turn, according to Bellchamber, they should have followed the open meetings provisions in the Municipal Act.  That includes posting public notice, having a clerk present and recording minutes.

“There is no further action to be taken,” says Bellchamber.  “The report is the process.”

In the meantime, a Joint Review Panel reconvenes on September 9 to listen to more presentations, for and against, the proposed OPG Deep Geologic Repository at the Bruce site.

For the complete report, click here.  (Note that the report starts on Pg. 14 of the PDF)