Theives Target Cat Shelter Donation Box in Meaford file photo.

The owners of The Cat’s Meow second-hand store in downtown Meaford have a donation box that’s bolted to the counter so it can’t be stolen.

The Clarksburg Cat Shelter, a registered charity owns and runs the store. The Shelter takes in homeless and abused cats brought in from the Clarksburg, Meaford and Thornbury areas.

Profit from the sale of artworks, toys, dishes, furniture and other gently used items in the store goes to pay for the care of the 60 cats at the shelter. So does the money people place in the donation box on the front counter

The Shelter’s president, Kathy DeCoste, reports that recently, someone stole the donation box. DeCoste says one of the volunteers working at The Cat’s Meow said the donation box contained “a large number of bills and change” at the time it was stolen.

DeCoste says they could have used that money to buy a large bag of dry cat food, cans of moist cat food or pay a veterinarian’s bill.

DeCoste says she still believes that most people are “wonderful, kind and generous” in their support of the cat shelter.

But DeCoste is still upset and disappointed someone would steal from the Shelter. She says their needs are many and great and I hope the person who stole that money feels at least some remorse over this shameful act.

Meanwhile, staff at The Cat’s Meow replaced the donations box with a new one. That donation box is bolted firmly to the front counter.