Bluewater Appeals Grand Bend Power Wind Project photo

The Municipality of Bluewater has filed an appeal of the Renewable Energy Approval of Grand Bend Power.

Lawyer Eric Gillespie says the appeal has been submitted to the Environmental Review Tribunal on the basis that the project has the potential to cause serious harm to human health.

The appeal also claims the legislative scheme for granting wind farm approvals violated the Applicants Constitutional rights.

The appeal says industrial wind turbines have been connected to serious health issues such as sleep disturbance, headaches, vertigo, nausea and lack of concentration.

It says the right to security as a person in the charter
is violated because wind companies and the province do not have to prove the safety of turbines erected within 2 kilometres of an occupied residence.

Grand Bend Power plans to put up 40 industrial turbines in Bluewater, South Huron, Huron East and West Perth

No date has been set to hear the case.