MedLINCs Camp Wraps Up In Seaforth

Blackburnnews Photo

Twenty one Grade 10 and 11 students from Huron and Perth counties are completing their week at the Healthkick MedLINCs summer camp in Seaforth today.

The students are all interested in careers in health care and the camp allowed them to explore opportunities in Huron and Perth.

Summer Program Leader Becca Simpson explains they had guest presenters in a variety of health care fields. They also had a day to job-shadow health care professionals in different hospitals and clinics.

On Thursday morning, the students took part in a mock disaster at a nursing home in Exeter, and learned how to apply plaster casts in the afternoon. Today they’ll have a variety of presentations before their graduation ceremony at Lion’s Park in Seaforth.

Simpson says┬áthe hope is that the students will find a field that interests them, but also that once they’ve completed their training, they’ll consider coming back to Huron or Perth to practice.