Huron Kinloss Residents Told To Join Nuclear Waste Discussion

Photo by Ken Kilpatrick

An environmental activist with the group Northwatch was the guest speaker at the Huron-Kinloss Nuclear Waste Community Advisory Committee meeting last night.

Brennain Lloyd told a small group in Ripley that members of the Huron-Kinloss committee are committed to their mandate. The Huron-Kinloss group is one of 14 communities still in the running to host a deep geologic storage facility for medium and high-level nuclear waste.

Lloyd says people only come out to meetings about the management of used nuclear fuel if they have a concern. But she is encouraging local residents to talk to each other, talk to their members of council, and learn more by attending workshops or reading some of the materials.

Lloyd says it’s the only way the community will be informed and involved in the process.