Nuclear Waste Burial Reviewed in Brockton

Brennain Lloyd of Northwatch speaks in Walkerton on the proposed deep geologic repository for used nuclear fuel. Photo by Jordan McKinnon

An environmental group opposing a proposed deep geologic repository for used nuclear fuel is calling on residents of Brockton to be more engaged in the site selection process.

Brennain Lloyd of Northwatch hosted an information session in Walkerton to provide some background into the Nuclear Waste Management Organization’s ongoing efforts to find a host community for a DGR.

Lloyd says although her group opposes storing nuclear waste underground, they want people to get more involved so they can better understand the issue and decide for themselves if a DGR is right for the community.

Only about 20 people attended the information session and Councillor Chris Peabody says it has been quiet on the DGR topic for some time now, adding he feels the slow pace of the site selection process has caused some people to lose interest in the topic.

Peabody believes the long process could be intentional on the NWMO’s part in an effort to make the community more complacent, avoiding the controversy neighbouring communities like Saugeen Shores experienced.

Peabody adds he also believes the NWMO is keeping things quiet in an effort to keep the DGR topic from being a municipal election issue this fall.

Brockton, Huron-Kinloss, South Bruce and Central Huron are the only midwestern Ontario communities remaining in the site selection process, along with a handful of communities in northern Ontario and one in Saskatchewan.