Simcoe-Grey MPP Interim Ontario PC Leader

The MPP for Simcoe-Grey will take the helm of the Ontario PC party temporarily.

Veteran party member Jim Wilson was elected by the Ontario PC Caucus as Interim Leader of the party. He says he wants to empower individual members in decision making and ensure fairness for all MPP’s seeking the Leadership role.

Wilson says the caucus is united and looking forward to holding the government accountable.

Jim Wilson was first elected to the Ontario Legislature September 1990.

Leader Tim Hudak stepped down after the party lost the provincial election.

“My job is a caretaker role. I will not be creating any major policy,” he says. “I know we will have a lot of good candidates for leader in the race and my job will be to make sure they’re highlighted and the talents of the caucus are highlighted. I remain humble, and will administer things behind the scenes, and keep things together in the interim period.”

“We’re going to be Progressive Conservatives, it will be up to our leadership candidates to bring forward policy and set the new direction for the party,”¬†adds¬†Wilson.