Huron County Supports Local Broadband Providers

Huron County may be at odds with the rest of the 14 counties represented by the Western Wardens Caucus over how best to bring broadband connectivity to the area.

Warden Joe Steffler told council today, the Western Warden’s want to bring a large national or regional company in to service the entire area. But Steffler says Huron County is already well ahead of most of the other counties and that’s the result of the hard work of the five local providers in Huron County.

Steffler says the local providers are better equipped to provide broadband to areas that don’t have it, because a regional company would have no knowledge of the area.

Steffler adds he has the full support of county on this issue and Huron County council will stand behind its local service providers and against bringing in a large regional company.