9-1-1 Misdials Consuming Wellington OPP Resources

(BlackburnNews.com file photo)

There’s new information today on the growing problem of 911 misdials.

The OPP in Wellington County released figures that show officers were dispatched to over 2,500 smart phone pocket-dials or 911 misdialed calls last year. That resulted in over 1,800 hours of police time responding to and investigating erroneous emergency calls.

Even if a caller advises that it was a misdial, police must respond to every 911 call to determine if a real emergency exists. In some cases, it can take several hours to locate the source of a smart phone pocket dial.

Wellington County OPP Inspector Scott Lawson says this involves a significant amount of lost time that could be spent being more proactive in the community with crime prevention, traffic safety, and community policing initiatives.