Huron County Encouraging Healthy Habits for Preschoolers

The Huron County Health Unit is working on a strategy to encourage healthy eating and more physical activity in daycare centres throughout the county.

With recent studies indicating 37 per cent of Huron County residents are obese, lifestyles are clearly an issue.

Public Health Dietician Amy MacDonald says instilling good eating and physical activity habits in children at an early age can create life-long habits.

MacDonald explains we tend to reward children with a treat when they do something good or play a sport and they grow up expecting that.

What they’re working on is a strategy for daycare centres focused on healthy eating and encouraging children to be more active.

MacDonald adds they’re still in the very early stages of the program and are so far working with day care staff but they goal is to make the treat after a soccer game something healthy rather than a chocolate bar.