Med Students Tour Huron

MedLINCS team: (left to right) Hannah Ernst, Erin Wiley, Scott Laing and Healthkick Summer Programs Leader Becca Simpson.

Three first-year medical students from the University of Western Ontario in London will be spending the next five weeks in Huron County.

The students from London, Clinton and Stratford are participating in the MedLINKS Health Career Exploration Program formerly known as the Medquest program.

Healthkick Summer Programs Leader Becca Simpson explains the students will be on a three-week job placement arranged by Healthkick that will involved shadowing doctors in a variety of situations, and then another two week placement that the students arrange.

Simpson points out the program is an opportunity for students who have had not exposure to medical practice in a rural setting to discover some of the benefits and if they might want to consider practicing in a rural community after they graduate.