Women’s Health Chat In Durham

A free women’s health information session is planned at the Durham Medical clinic tomorrow. The Durham Health Care Foundation, Medical Clinic Doctors, and the Brockton and Area Family Health Team are hosting a chat about common health issues like strong bones, nutrition, and menopause.

The session runs from 1pm-3pm at the Durham Clinic boardroom.

You can reserve a seat by calling 519-369-3007, ext. 258.

Speakers for the evening are Dr. Nadira Husein, endocrinologist, on “Osteoporosis – How to maintain strong, healthy bones” and Dr. Anahi Martins, Family Physician, on “Menopause – Signs, Symptoms & Treatments”

There will also be information and Displays including “Stand Tall” Screening with a Kinesiologist, Osteoporosis Canada, Women’s Health, Women’s Nutritional Needs, and Pharmacy on Functional Medicine for Health, Lifestyle and Osteoporosis.