Meaford Municipal Council Candidates file photo

There are now eight candidates for Meaford council, including two competing for the mayor’s chair.

Evelyn Dean filed her nomination papers for a councillor’s seat on Monday. Dean is the fifth person to signal she is running for one of the five councillor positions.

The other four candidates for councillor are Peter Bantock, Jaden Calvert, Steve Nickels and incumbent councillor Lynda Stephens. Stephens is the only incumbent Meaford councillor seeking re-election to this post so far.

Councillor Deborah Young is competing with former Meaford councillor Jim McPherson for the mayor’s chair.

Incumbent deputy mayor Harley Greenfield will be defending his place on council. So far, Greenfield has no challenger for this post.

Those still thinking of running for a councillor’s position have three more months to file their nomination papers.