iPads Encourage Avon Maitland Student Learning

BlackburnNews.com photo

Selected Grade 7 students in Avon Maitland schools have had iPads for almost five months and the assistant principal of programs for the board says it has enabled them to get some feedback.

Vince Trocchi told trustees last night the iPads have created an air of excitement in the classroom that didn’t exit before, and that excitement has been contagious among students and teachers.

Trocchi says the iPads have created a greater interest in reading and even in math among students and generally encouraged them to stay at given tasks for a longer period of time.

“Its happening with the kids, its happening with the teachers. And when you’re having kids bringing their devices home, and homework isn’t a chore, homework is actually something that’s exciting for them to do, it’s extremely exciting,” he says.

Trocchi adds teaching with iPads has allowed the students to have more input into how they learn and that’s given them some ownership in the program and that’s improved performance.