Goderich Port Security Reviewed

(BlackburnNews.com photo)

Security was the focus of this year’s annual report from the Goderich Port Management Corporation.

President Roland Howe explains that maintenance projects were a little ahead of previous years and are part of the preparation for the harbour expansion. The budget was in line with past years.

Howe points out fencing is in place to control access to and from the ship.

“There’s some safety hazards there as well, but from a security perspective, an approaching vessel will actually give us a list of crew who are going to leave the boat, who are going to join the boat, any services they expect to receive . And obviously the fences and the security would allow them through. Anybody who’s not on the list doesn’t get on the dock,” he says.

Howe adds there are no customs officials permanently stationed in Goderich so if someone has not cleared customs before arriving in Goderich they must notify customs so someone can be there to process them.

Howe says a Marine Security Level indicator is posted on the fence to show the security level at any given time.