Bruce Power Ready For Summer

(Aerial photo of the Bruce Power Plant)

Bruce Power will be playing a bigger role in keeping the provincial electricity grid stable this summer.

Vice President of Corporate Affairs James Scongack says they are planning to have all eight reactors up and running when the outage program wraps up later this month.

He says they will provide their usual 6,300 megawatts of electricity, but with Ontario no longer using coal as a generation source, the grid will need some flexibility.

Scongack predicts Bruce Power will be called on to cut its output at times this summer during drops in demand, pointing out they are the only nuclear site in the province that has the capability to do so.

“The reactor stays at full power. A non nuclear site of the plan has a normal cooling system and essentially we release that energy into that non nuclear cooling system, and that discharges the energy,” he says.

The water is  then released back into Lake Huron.

Scongack adds they can only divert steam for a short amount of time, because of the warming effect it has on Lake Huron and the strict temperature limits in place.