Huron County Outweighs Other Regions

Figures recently released by Statistic Canada paint a fairly unflattering picture of rural communities in our country.

The statistic demonstrate that obesity is a problem in most parts of the country but particularly in rural communities.

Huron County leads the way with 37.1 per cent of our population considered obese.

Huron County Health Unit Epidemiologist Erica Clark points out that other rural health units aren’t far behind and she adds there are some good reasons for that.

She says unlike residents in urban centres who can often walk to wherever they’re going, distance dictates that rural residents drive …. and that becomes a habit.

She says, “In rural areas, we have a lot of distance to cover, so while in downtown London you may walk down the street to go to the grocery store or the movie theatre, or that sort of thing, in Huron County, and in other rural areas, we drive.”

Clark says it’s not realistic to expect rural residents to bike wherever they go, particularly through the winter.

But says says the Huron County Active Transportation Master Plan the Health Unit is encouraging residents to be more active in their leisure time to help them get to a healthier weight.