Huron Bruce Candidates Debate In Holmesville

Left to right: Liberal Colleen Schenk, Equal Parenting Party Dennis Valenta, P.C. incumbent Lisa Thompson, NDP Jan Johnstone.

Four of the seven registered candidates in the Huron-Bruce riding attended an all-candidates meeting in Holmesville last night, hosted by the Huron Federation of Agriculture.

Both NDP candidate Jan Johnstone and Progressive Conservative incumbent Lisa Thompson questioned the Liberal’s credibility in the face of recent scandals.

Liberal candidate Colleen Schenk defended her party’s energy policy.

“We have modernized an electricity system that needed to be fixed,” she says. “We did this to ensure Ontarians have the power they need when they need it and the work is paying off. We’ve closed the dirty coal plants and we’re replacing that power with clean energy. This is saving us billions in health care and in environmental costs as well.”

Thompson says nuclear would be a major part of a Tory energy plan, with hydro and gas also in the mix.

“We need affordable, reliable and sustainable energy and nuclear is going to be the base load generation for that long term energy plan. Then we need a really good viable mix that we can count on and we recognize hydro plays into that,” she says.

Both Thompson and Johnstone said they would not force wind energy on “unwilling hosts.”

“What the NDP plans to do is if they go to a rural area, and they have to stay for five years, that they would get rid of their debt they incurred going to university to become a physician,” says Johnstone.

Schenk, Thompson and Johnstone all said they would look at ways to strengthen the risk management program.

Dennis Valenta announced he had already achieved his goal for this election in that his Equal Parenting Party was recognized as an official party the day before the election was called.

“I’m deliberately saying my party’s a one issue party,” says Valenta. “The other existing parties, the main stream ones, they only have two issues. One is to get elected, the second is to stay elected and everything revolves around those two issues. So how is my one issue so bad.”