More Avon Maitland Students Get IPads

Mitchell's grade seven teacher Joey Jackson.

The Avon Maitland District School Board has announced Phase 2 of its Next Generation Learning program.

The board launched Phase 1 last fall and that involved giving all Grade 7 students in Mitchell, Hullet Central, Clinton, Seaforth and Huron Centennial their own iPad.
The iPads become the property of the students for as long as they’re in school and they take it wherever they go.

Joey Jackson is the Grade 7 teacher in Mitchell and after using the iPads for almost a year, she says she’s now more excited about teaching because her students are more engaged. She admits there was some adjustment, but the rewards more than justify the effort and she would hate to go back to the old way of teaching.

Phase 2 of the Next Generation project will be launched in September and will provide iPads to all Grade 7 and 8 students from Stratford Central, Stratford Northwestern, North Easthope, Central Perth, St. Marys, South Huron, South Perth, Sprucedale and Downie schools.