Huron Reviews Long Term Care Facilities

Huron County’s long-term care facilities in Clinton and Brussels are next in line for a review.

County councillor Bernie MacLellan explains the province provides some of the funding for Huronview and Huronlea, and the county contributes about three-million-dollars a year.

He says: “I think it’s the operations overall. It’s not the first time that we’ve reviewed an operation in the county. this one is probably long overdue. It comes up every year with the amount of tax dollars that we put in over and above what the province pays to operate those and I think its about $3 million.”

MacLellan suggests one of the things the review might consider is how much the county is providing beyond what is mandatory.

The Committee of the Whole has approved a motion to hire a consultant for $75,000 to conduct the review. That motion goes to the next county council meeting for final approval.

MacLellan adds they’ve already completed a review of management of the county and of Emergency Services, and will probably review all of the county departments to make sure they’re delivering the services that are required.