Perth-Wellington Candidates Talk Jobs stock photo.

Job creation and sustainable business was one of the main issues touched on when Perth-Wellington candidates stopped in at the CKNX studios today.

Conservative candidate Randy Pettapiece tied energy costs in with jobs.

“We need to get our energy costs under control. It’s been told to us by the Liberal government that it’s going to rise by 46 per cent over the next five years. This is a job killer for industry.”

Liberal candidate Stewart Skinner pointed to the party’s $400 million plan that resembles a past idea.

“That’s looking at our small and medium enterprises in the food processing and agriculture sector. And it is tied to job creation as it is modeled after the Southwest Development Ontario Fund. It brings a blend of grants and loans to people who are looking to invest in their factories, invest in their food processors.”

NDP candidate Romayne Smith Fullerton says the job creation issue has to stretch to many different corners.

“It isn’t operating in isolation, it’s operating in tandem in our small towns, in places like Listowel, St. Marys, Stratford and all service industries. I would never look at one sector without considering its linkage to the other.”

Family Coalition Party candidate Irma Devries.

“Over 90 per cent of new jobs are created by medium and small businesses. We believe, that farmers especially, should be able to opt out of the time-of-use energy pricing. That would help them and small businesses be able to compete on the scale when it comes to energy costs.”

There is an all candidates debate in Listowel at the St. Joseph’s Church Hall at 7:30pm on Wednesday, May 28.

Also running in Perth-Wellington are Chris Desjardins (Green Party), Scott Marshall (Libertarian), Marie Roth (Equal Parenting Party)

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