PC Leader Promises Wind Moratorium

Provincial PC Leader Tim Hudak says it would be very difficult to reverse wind energy projects in rural Ontario that have already been approved. But he says if he forms the next government he will impose a moratorium on any new projects. Hudak adds he would also dismantle the bureaucracy at Ontario Hydro.

Hudak says, “And in fact when we asked an independent economist to look at our plan to downsize the massive hydro bureaucracy that has 11,000 people making making $100,000 a year or more, you know what the economist said? We do that and we can create 40,000 more jobs through more affordable energy.”

Hudak added under his plan an average family in Huron or Perth County would save about 300 dollars a year on their Hydro bill.

Perth Wellington Progressive Conservative M-P-P Randy Pettapiece says wind energy has resulted in lost jobs in his riding. Appearing with PC Leader Tim Hudak in Sebringville yesterday Pettapiece explained the increase in energy costs as a result of wind energy is becoming a burden that’s difficult for many manufacturers to justify.

Pettapiece says, “” I was just talking to a manufacturer two or three weeks ago, about his hydro bill. If he had been located in Winnipeg his hydro bill would have been $250,000 less than what he’s paying here. This is a small company that 20 people work at. If he had been in Quebec it would have been over $300,000 dollars less. ”

Pettapiece adds something has to change to make Ontario an attractive place to do business.