Seaforth Intersection Overhaul

The main intersection in Seaforth is going to get a complete overhaul this summer.

Huron County Public Works Director Dave Laurie explains the problem with the intersection is the poles the traffic lights are mounted on are too close to the roads and large trucks coming through the intersection on County Road 12 or Highway 8 and hitting the poles.

Laurie says every time the light system has to be repaired it creates a new weak spot in the system and when someone has to come and fix that they have to spend a lot of time trying to locate the problem.

Laurie adds while they’re putting in a new traffic light system they’re also going to bring the sidewalks up to current accessibility standard.

Laurie says the project will cost about 230-thousand dollars and he hopes it will be approved by council next month so they can start in July.

He adds it’ll take about a month but the intersection will remain open while the work is underway.

He says they’ll keep the old system running while they build the new system and then take the old system down when the new one is up.