211 Phone Service Valuable In Huron County

Most people don’t fully appreciate the 211 phone information service until they need it, but when they need it they often need it in a hurry.

After being available in Huron County for four years, more people are finding out how valuable it is.

211 was brought to Huron by the Perth Huron United Way and Executive Director Ryan Erb explains 211 is one-stop shopping that connects people quickly with any government or municipal social, health or financial institution in the county.

Erb says it’s often a crisis of some sort that triggers the need for the service, and that’s not the time to be thumbing through a phone book or searching on Google for a contact number.

Erb adds when you call 211, you’ll talk to a real person and because the service is available throughout North America, it can also be provided in up to 100 languages.

“The 211 data base is comprehensive across social services and health issues that people face because in an instant you can have the answer that you’re looking for,” says Erb. “The biggest difference too, between being able to Google something, and using the live referral service on the phone is that you actually talk to someone.”