DGR Open Houses Being Held In Mildmay And Walkerton

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization is holding open houses this week to help the public understand and explore the possibility of hosting a Deep Geological Repository for used nuclear fuel.

Preliminary assessments, including geo-scientific and other technical and social studies, are ongoing in the Municipality of Brockton, the Municipality of South Bruce, and the Township of Huron-Kinloss, and in 11 other communities across northern Ontario and in Saskatchewan.

Director of Social Research and Dialogue Jo-Ann Facella says it’s a long process and there’s time for people to learn.

She adds ultimately it’s a community decision if they want to host a DGR.

The open house runs from 9-3 today at the Mildmay Carrick Rec Complex. 1-9 tomorrow and 9-3 Thursday at the Walkerton arena. Another open house will be held June 5-7th at the Point Clark Community Centre.