Huron County Golf Courses in Good Shape file photo.

Huron County golfers have a lot to celebrate this year, even if they’re not happy with their scores yet.

Many of the older courses to the south and east of Huron County still haven’t opened because of damage to their greens over the winter.

Superintendent Todd Doig says the Seaforth Golf Course is in great shape but explains some of the older grasses don’t stand up very well to ice, so some older courses in areas that didn’t have the snow cover before the ice storms arrived were particularly vulnerable.

Woodland Links owner Gord Lobb says his course near Clinton survived the winter very well because the greens had a good snow cover.
Gary Gravett at Sunset, north of Goderich says his course is in great shape as well.

Some of the older courses in the London, Burlington, and Toronto areas are considering digging temporary greens in the fairways and some are still not open yet.