Huron County Gets Lower Gas Tax Rebate

Sometimes you win — and sometimes you lose — and Huron County is doing both.

At last week’s council meeting C-A-O Brenda Orchard announced the county was getting about 135-thousand dollars more than expected in the province’s share of funding for EMS services. Orchard explains that the provincial figure for the current year isn’t available when the county does its budget so they work from the previous year’s figure. And this year the result was a surprise of just over 134-thousand dollars.

The same assumption was made for the gas tax rebate and Orchard announced the result was the county was getting 107-thousand dollars less than anticipated.

Orchard points out the gas tax refund is used for infrastructure like roads and bridges and the county has a reserve fund for that so the shortfall won’t impact any planned projects it just has a minor impact on the budget.