Rabies Awareness

May is Rabies Awareness Month in Ontario and despite the MNR baiting program and public education, rabies in Ontario is still present.

Public Health Inspector Patrick Landry points out there have been no case of rabies in wildlife in Huron County for a few years, but there are some things local residents should do to make sure they’re protected.  Landry says all domestic cats, dogs and some horses over the age of three months are legally required to be vaccinated against rabies.  He adds people should avoid contact with domestic animals they don’t know.

The most likely contact with rabies in the wild would be with skunks, raccoons, bats or foxes and they should be avoided at all times.  To reduce the risk of contact with wild animals no food should be left out where if might attract them.

If there is food available it will eventually attract an animal.  Animal bites should also be reported to the Health Unit immediately.