Port Elgin Parking Questions

BlackburnNews.com photo

A number of business owners in downtown Port Elgin are calling on Saugeen Shores council to restore lost parking spaces on the main street.

Betty Simpson owns two clothing stores in Port Elgin and says her sales have been impacted by the reduction of on-street parking on Goderich Street, which happened last year when left turning lanes were added at the intersection of Goderich and Green Streets.  She says municipal parking lots are not well marked and customers have been going elsewhere to shop because they can’t find a parking space.

Deputy Mayor Luke Charbonneau agrees there’s a parking problem in Port Elgin, but he points out there’s also a congestion problem and the left turn lanes were added to alleviate the problem and make it safer for drivers and pedestrians.  He says it’s up to council and the downtown merchants to reach a compromise and find a way to ease both the parking and traffic problems.

In the meantime, the issue has been referred to public works staff.