Carbon Monoxide Campaign in West Perth

West Perth Fire Chief Bill Hunter, Oxford M-P-P Ernie Hardman, West Perth Mayor Walter McKenzie, Perth-Wellingon M-P-P Randy Pettapiece, IBC representative Matt Hiraishi, and Fire Prevention Officer Todd McKone.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada presented the West Perth Fire Department with 48 new carbon monoxide detectors yesterday in Mitchell.

West Perth Mayor Walter McKenzie, Perth Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece, Oxford NPP Ernie Hardeman, West Perth Fire Chief Bill Hunter and Fire Prevention Officer Todd McKone joined IBC representative Matt Hiraishi for the presentation.

Fire Chief Hunter pointed out under new provincial legislation, any home that has a fuel-fired appliance like a propane gas stove or furnace, a wood stove or any similar appliance is now required to have a carbon monoxide detector.

Chief Hunter says carbon monoxide is tasteless and odourless so residents of a home aren’t aware of a problem. He notes they might experience flu-like symptoms and feel very drowsy, but adds when they do fall asleep they don’t wake up.

Chief Hunter says they’ll probably use the carbon monoxide detectors in the same way they use smoke detectors, in that when they encounter a problem with a home that doesn’t have one, they’ll provide them, and the home owner then reimburses the municipality at a later date.