New Study Underway at Gateway Rural Health Research Institute in Seaforth

Dr. Feng Chang - Gateway Rural Health Research Institute, Seaforth

The Gateway Rural Health Research Institute in Seaforth and the University of Waterloo’s School of Pharmacy are looking for participants in a new study. It’s designed around people who need several different types of medications on a daily basis.

Gateway’s Chair of Rural Pharmacy Doctor Feng Chang explains they’re hoping this new medications manager will help.¬†She says as patients get older and require more medications, remembering which ones to take, and when, can become a problem. It’s also difficult for hospital ER physicians to diagnose problems when patients can’t remember what medications they take. The medications manager should also help patients remember to take their medications on time when they’re at home.

The research institute is looking for participants to try the medications manager to determine if it is useful and if it has an impact on their overall health.

Anyone interested in taking part in the study is asked to contact the Gateway Rural Health Research Institute in Seaforth.