Armow Wind Appeal Dismissed

The Armow Wind Farm in Kincardine that consist of 92 turbines, has survived an Environmental Review Tribunal.

The tribunal has dismissed an appeal from the Kroeplin family, who are members of Huron-Kinloss Against Lakeside Turbines. The appeal claimed the project would cause serious harm to human health, and claimed the rights to the security of the person would be violated.

The renewable energy approval puts the burden of proof on the appellants to prove serious harm to health from the project, and the tribunal found they did not prove it to a level of scientific certainty. The decision was handed down despite testimony from several property owners who say they experience health problems when they are living near turbines, and the health issues disappear when they move out of their home.

An acoustical expert told the hearing the turbines would very likely exceed the ministry of environment’s own noise limits. He also pointed out several problems in the wind company’s calculations.