Saugeen Shores Votes By Mail

Canada Post mail boxes

Concern over cyber attacks is one of the reasons Saugeen Shores council is not changing the way voters will elect their next municipal government.

Despite several lengthy discussions, council voted to keep mail-in balloting, over switching to Internet and telephone voting for the October 27 municipal elections.

Vice-Deputy Mayor Doug Gowanlock says the recent Heartbleed bug issues faced by the Canada Revenue Agency solidified his vote to stick with mail-in ballots, adding there was also considerable public concern with changing the voting method so close to election day.

Councillor Taun Frosst was the lone vote in favour of Internet voting and says it’s likely the way all municipal governments will be elected in the future, adding cyber attacks are likely a part of life now.

Frosst says even if hackers wanted to target an election, he feels they would be unlikely to disrupt a small town like Saugeen Shores and more likely to go after a larger city.