North Perth Mayor Julie Behrns. (Blackburn News stock photo)

North Perth Considers Shared Services

Investigating further service delivery efficiencies with it’s municipal partners is a major focus for North Perth.

Council was presented with the final report on the Perth Area Municipalities Joint Service Delivery Review last night. The municipality is described as “markedly” different from it’s lower-tier partners primarily due to steady growth and the types of services provided.

Mayor Julie Behrns points to low staffing levels as the reason why significant cost savings are unlikely but feels more efficiencies can be found. Behrns states, “Hopefully we will have more conversation on the report next week so we can give direction to our staff and CAO.”

The Perth Area Municipalities Joint Service Delivery Review recommends exploring further shared service arrangements including the coordination of roads maintenance, sharing some administrative functions and a county-wide approach to landfill operations.

The next steps include presenting the final report to the remainder of the lower-tier Councils, holding a special meeting with key municipal stakeholders and then determining which opportunities to pursue.