Huron-Perth Healthcare Alliance 2014 Budget

Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance logo. (Submitted)

The Huron-Perth Healthcare Alliance will submit a balanced budget for the year that ended on March 31. But CEO Andrew Williams admits there were a few significant surprises this year. Most notably, winter.

Willians explains they always anticipate certain expenses and they’re prepared for that. But this year, snow removal cost them an extra $100,000 and utilities cost were up by $110,000.

Williams points out that’s almost a quarter of a million dollars that has to be found from somewhere else to reach a balanced position.

Williams adds that’s typical of the surprises a lot of organizations are facing this year and they will finish with a balanced budget. But he adds they have submitted a deficit budget for the current year to the LHIN with the intention of managing that and being in a surplus position the following year.