Positive Response to Goderich Commercial

The Team Lead with Goderich’s Community Economic Revitalization Committee says the response to their commercial promoting Goderich has been very positive.

Natasha Fritzley explains CERC put up the funding for the production of the video by FauxPop Media and Over Yonder Aerial Works of Goderich, and the commercial promotes the town as a great place to live.

Fritzley explains they didn’t have the funding to buy television time for the commercial, but they created several different versions of the commercial with different logos on them so that if economic development groups like Rediscover Goderich, or the town or the Chamber or B-I-A had funding they could use the commercial and by TV time.

The commercial can be seen on the facebook.com/rediscovergoderich web site and Frizley says they had 12-thousand views in the first 24 hours after it was posted.