Avon Maitland Student Career Programs

The Director of Education for the Avon Maitland District School Board says the board has had programs in place for years aimed at helping students identify career paths.
But Ted Doherty says there are also risks in starting the process too early.

Doherty points to the Avon Maitland’s Student Success Initiative that encourages students to start investigating career paths at the grade seven level, and he adds they are aware the Ministry wants to see that type of program start earlier.

But Doherty contends that with the job market changing as rapidly as it is, there is a danger in students narrowing their focus too early and closing too many doors.

Doherty points out they focus on bigger-picture issues like collaboration, communication, and critical thinking, which apply to a wide range of careers. They encourage their students to look at a broad range that allows some flexibility.